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Directly south of last week's community profile of South Calgary, we find ourselves looking at the neighborhood of Altadore. Let's dive in!


Deemed a trendy inner city neighborhood, Altadore is currently experiencing a gentrification process due to the luxury and high-end semi-detached homes that have been going up in the community over the last several years. Located just south of 34th Ave and trendy Marda Loop and bordered by 50th Avenue in it's most southern region, Altadore is an old neighborhood that was established in 1945. To the east it is bound by Elbow River and to the west by 20th Street. The map below depicts where Altadore is located in Calgary.  







As we have included with the other zones and communities, we will dissect a little of the demographic information on this community. Looking at Altadore, the last census of 2014 reflected a population of 9,518 in the community, where 18% of the population is under 15 years old, 68% are between 20-64 years, and lastly 10% of the population is over 65 years. Sixty-eight percent of dwellings in Altadore are occupied by owners and a variety of dwelling types are exhibited. In terms of real estate, the majority of homes in Altadore are single-family homes, making up 40% of the neighborhood. Duplexes make up 16% of the community, townhomes are present at 16%, and apartments at 23%. Converted structures come in at 4%.


The median age is 37 and is listed as a community that is entirely english-speaking, since 0% of the population doesn't speak English. The median household income is $96,932 and according to CREB so far in 2017, 21 detached homes have sold at an average price of $1,130,667 with a price range of $632,500 to $1,910,000. For attached homes, 32 properties changed Title in 2017 (to date) with an average price of $771,063, where the range low was at $363,000 and the range high was $1,260,000. For more information and as with all our information sources, you can view more concise details by visiting the City of Calgary’s neighborhood profiles, found here.


Normally we include a crime map for each area that we profile, but there were issues with the Calgary Police website in generating this map this week, so we will add this information when the site is working again. Apologies!  


In terms of placement in the city, Altadore is well placed if you work downtown but also enjoy having quick access to parks and green spaces. Sandy Beach, River Park and Riverdale Park all flank the eastern edge of the community. Being inner-city you are able to access any parts of the city by car but there is so much to offer and access on foot in the community too. From the community, a quick drive west along 33rd or 50th Ave takes you to Crowchild Trail which connects you north and south and to other fast arteries dispersed in the city. 


Located on the northern lip of this community is Marda Loop, a collection of different shops and services offering you literally everything you need. Grocery stores, flower shops, banks, dentists, gyms, coffee shops, pet stores, restaurants, pubs, and more are on offer. Marda Loop is great to wander around in and really take in the community. 


Schools representing the private sector are found within a short drive's reach if this is something that is attractive to you. Because they're relatively close, all the private schools we have profiled on Calgary's West Side can still be of consideration:  Webber Academy,  Calgary AcademyRundle CollegeWaldorf SchoolCalgary French & International School, and Edge School for Athletes. To this West Island CollegeNorth Point School for BoysBanbury Crossroads School, and Lycee Louis Pasteur schools can also be added as they are close by. 


In the Calgary Public School district, Altadore School, Central Memorial High School, and Elboya School are designated elementary and junior high schools.


In the Catholic District, St. Michael's SchoolHoly NameSt. Mary's High School, Bishop Carroll, and St. James School are designated in the separate system. 


Being centrally-located, there are many places of worship to access from this point in the city. Click on this link to find the right place of worship for your culture and background.


As was the case with South Calgary, residents of Altadore are encouraged to join the Marda Loop Communities Association which offers different ways to become a member. The association is very active in organizing monthly and annual events, offering residents plenty of opportunities to get to know one another and get involved in their community. The Marda Gras festival takes place every August and is a popular event where people and events literally spill into the street, bringing the community together. In case you didn't read it in our blog entry last week, the name 'Marda' originates from the blending of two names, Marc and Mada Jenkins who opened the Marda movie theatre back in 1953. Historically, the area has always been very active because it used to be the turn around point for a street-car that used to run to the community from downtown. 


That's a wrap for this week on Altadore! Since it is an area known for putting up modern homes, there are a variety of beautiful homes and stunning large lots for you to pick from to find your dream home. If there is anything you'd like to see or if you have any questions, I'm always available to talk or meet up. Enjoy the warmer weather this weekend-get out and soak up some Vitamin D! Tune in next week as we offer suggestions on what to do in our marvelous Calgary for Mother's Day! 







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