As per our blog last week, we announced we would be doing a description of all the different neighborhoods that encompass Calgary's Westside, starting from Cougar Ridge this week and ending in a few weeks time with Discovery Ridge.


If you're not familiar where Cougar Ridge is in the city, it's located just south of Canada Olympic Park, on the north side of Old Banff Coach Road. Located in Ward 6, on its east you find 69th Street, and on its west it is bordered by 101st Street. Established in 2001, it is no longer one of the youngest neighborhoods to be annexed in this south west quadrant in the city, however it has lots to offer.

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Demographically speaking, it is a neighborhood filled with young families. According to the last census of 2014, just over 6700 people live in the area, where 30% of that population is under 15 years of age. Only 3% of the inhabitants is over 65 years of age, and it is a community that is still growing in terms of population age, but not in size. It is an english-speaking community where 1% of people living in the area stated they don't speak either French or English. Crime is low in Cougar Ridge, with the most common offence reported being as theft from vehicles on the Calgary Police community profile site and as seen below.


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The census of 2014 also states that 91% of the homes, be it single dwelling, apartments, or townhomes, are owner-occupied, which makes Cougar Ridge very attractive. In terms of economic demographics, a survey from 2010 declared that the median household income of private households was found to be $130,838. Accroding to CREB, the average home price YTD for 2016 is listed as $580,449.00, with most homes selling in just over a month, (37 days to be exact!), after being put on the market. (For more details than we've extracted and presented here, please click over to The City of Calgary's website which provides even more precise and analytical data for Cougar Ridge.)


In terms of placement in the city, this neighborhood's location is extremely attractive and sought after due to it's proximity to the mountains, and because a quick jaunt down Old Banff Coach Road and Bow Trail takes you to downtown in excellent time. The C-Train terminal for 69th Street station is also a quick drive away and is also serviced by buses if you don't want to drive at all. Within the area, there are plenty of shops and ammenities very close by. There are two gas stations on either side of Old Banff Coach Road and many shops a few minute's drive away, such as Co-op, Shopper's Drug MartNo FrillsMercato and a vast variety of restaurants, clothing shops, doctor's offices, dentists, vets, and eye-doctors. Everything you really need is truly on this hill! A Fire Station a short drive away in the neighboring neighborhood of Coach Hill also brings comfort and a quick response if needed. Green spaces fill the neighborhood with many playground zones to let the children play and be outside. Like all communities on the hill, Foothills Hospital or RockyView Hospital are closest in the event of medical urgency. 

Cougar Ridge, like so many neighborhoods on the westside have a variety of schools and places of worship to choose from. Schools representing the private sector are found immediately within walking distance, and kids are bussed or driven to the public sector schools. With so many kids in the area, residents are truly blessed to have the opportunity to decide where to send their kids. Right in the heart of Cougar Ridge is the Waldorf School and the Calgary French & International School,both of which are private. Other private schools in the close vicinity are Webber Academy and Rundle College. In the Calgary Public School district, Rosscarrock School is the designated school for K-6 students in Cougar Ridge and it offers both French and Spanish immersion, however please refer to the school's website for more information on these immersion programs. There are special considerations given to kids from Cougar Ridge to allow them to attend WildWood School if there are already older siblings there, however Rosscarrock is the designated school. West Ridge Middle School which is brand new and slated to open in January 2017 allows for intake of kids from Cougar Ridge and will cover grades 5-9. In the separate system, St. Joan of Arc is located very close by although difficult to get into at time of publication, but our sources do tell us that registration into St. Joan of Arc should be easier once the Catholic school in Aspen opens in the latter part of 2017. Currently, the overflow school for St. Joan of Arc is St. Michael's in the separate system.

In terms of high schools for the public and separate system, Ernest Manning is located a short drive away for the public route, whereas the feeder highschool for St. Joan of Arc is either Bishop Carrollor St. Mary's High School. Should your child be athletically gifted, the quick escape out of the city to head west comes in really handy, since the Edge School for Athletes is a short drive down highway 1 heading west. 

For places of worship, Cougar Ridge has many to choose from in the area. St. Michael's Catholic Church just down 85th Street is very close, as is the Bethel United Reformed Church, and the New Apostolic Church. A short drive south towards 17th Avenue, there is the Calgary Islamic Centre


Like most neighborhoods, residents of Cougar Ridge share an annual levy that is separate from the City to cover expenses that relate to green spaces seen in entrance medians, boulevards, etc. The fee is an annual fee which spans the calendar year and at last reference, it was set at $108.15/year. There is also a community association linked with West Springs, for which membership is optional, but valuable. At $25.00/year, individual members enjoy discounted pricing to events such as community ski/snow board night at Canada Olympic Park, Learn to Skate programs at WinSport, up to date information on events that relate to kids in the community, discounts to sponsored shops in the area, and more!


To end, Cougar Ridge is a dynamic community that summits the Paskapoo Slopes and the Paskapoo Slopes themselves offer some fun trivia to dazzle your friends with because the sediments underneath the hill are between 62.5 to 58.5 million years old, AND the area was historically used as a buffalo jump to hunt bison by First Nations, similar to what is seen at Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump! (Casually drop those facts over holiday gatherings, and you will be the Cool Cat of Cougar Ridge!)  It is a vibrant community that is so well placed in the city-on the ridge it is seeminly isolated, however in reality it is extremely well connected to the local community and downtown and has so much to offer. Residents are friendly and take pride and care of their community. Lastly, if you're lucky, you may also come across visitors of a furry kind, such as deer or moose, as seen in this video! Keep your phones handy! 


We hope you've enjoyed this compilation on facts about Cougar Ridge-I'm happy to answer any further inquiries you may have about this community, please do get in touch!



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Calgary is a vast city spanning over 850 square kilometres in size, with so much to offer. Any Calgarian is familiar with the five sections that Calgary is broken into, but if you're new to town, take note of the breakup of our vast city into a North West, a North East, South West, South East, and technically an Inner City portion. Looking deeper into each section, one starts to become familiar with the mosaic of neighborhoods that make up our city. At current count, there are over 190 neighborhoods to choose from, in which to find your next home. This fact alone can be overwhelming and your decision will be impacted by a multitude of factors such as proximity to work, access to the mountains, closeness to family and friends, and distance to a variety of different attractions.

Here's where we can help!

Our specialty and area of focus are the homes on Calgary's westside. Looking at the map below, you see our four quadrants, where SW Calgary is split into two parts. The neighborhoods found within the blue circle are bordered by the TransCanada Highway to the north, Highway 8 to the south, Sarcee Trail to the east, and lastly 101st Street/Lower Springbank Road to the west. Over the next several weeks, we will be profiling and providing information on each specific neighborhood found within this described boundary. Within this area I personally live with my wife and kids, and it is an area we have grown to love for all that it offers, its versatility and now our team is keen on sharing our knowledge and experience from selling and showing homes in these areas with you! Get in touch and let us know if there is anything you'd like to know about a neighborhood-we will profile schools, parks, amenities, some residential stats, community associations, and more! We begin with Cougar Ridge next Monday and work our way down south through West Springs, Aspen Woods, Christie Estates, Signal Hill and more, with each consecutive week, ending with Discovery Ridge in a few weeks time. Stay tuned and join us in getting to know Calgary's Westside!



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You’ve loved your house and all the memories that are now embedded in it. However, now for one reason or another, it is time to move on to something different. Your home was ideal for you, but the question looms, how long before a new buyer feels the same about your soon-to-be-on-the-market abode? How do you ensure that a prospective buyer will react the same way as you did when you first walked through it?


The answer lies in Staging your home when you want to put it on the market. You love your furniture and decorations, however, don’t get offended if not everyone will feel the same way about your leopard print ottoman or polka dot drapes. Staging involves working with an interior designer to essentially spruce up the interior of your home to make it more attractive, modern and marketable. Naturally, this service comes with a cost, however before you let that single fact turn you away, here are some points to consider.


Statistics show that a staged home will sell faster than one that isn’t. The longer a home is on the market, there looms the risk of having to eventually decrease your asking price, which means, less money for you at the end of the sale. Therefore, staging your home can be a worthwhile investment-according to the National Association of Realtors, a staged home spent 73% less time on the market. In addition, ‘a survey conducted by Coldwell Banker Real Estate Corp. discovered that staged homes are usually sold 6% above the asking price.'


Furthermore and from the same report, staging brings many other benefits. ‘For buyers it is easier to visualize the property as a future home (81 percent), buyers are more willing to walk through a home they viewed online (46 percent), will positively impact the value of the home if it is decorated to the buyer tastes (45 percent), and buyers are more willing to overlook other property faults (28 percent)' if staging is present. Staging also provides the ability to have excellent online photos which for most is the first touch point for viewing your home. This goes hand-in-hand with the statistic mentioned earlier, where with great photos, a potential buyer taps into their emotional cues and within minutes can begin visualizing themselves in your home. Of course, this is the holy graile for all home-owners looking to sell!



Stagers are professional designers who want to help you sell your home at the best price and in the quickest time frame. They can help you work different deigns into different budgets-you can choose to stage specific rooms, or your entire home. Your budget will dictate this for you, but statiscitcs show that the most important room to stage is the Living Room, followed by the Kitchen and then the Master Bedroom. If you're planning on selling your home soon, contact a local staging designer today in Calgary for a free consultation because quite simply, you and your home are worth it! 

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It’s Saturday, and all your boxes have just been unloaded off your moving truck and stacked onto the floor of your new home. An air of excitement is in the air as everyone wanders the new abode and starts to mentally decorate how things will look, meanwhile the kids run in the back yard, off to explore new territory.


By Sunday night though, butterflies are fluttering, even for you, the parents. Monday morning brings the dawn of a new day at a new school in a new neighborhood with new teachers and new friends. ‘New’ can be very exciting, but ‘new’ in large doses, can also be very daunting, especially for kids who may take longer to adjust to changes. Here are some great tips for secure that their first days at their new school are approached with confidence and ease!



1) Before the transition, research and read up on the schools in your new area. The Calgary Board of Education and the Calgary Catholic Board of Education offer a plethora of information on their websites about schools in their jurisdiction, anywhere in the city. Information on the school's website, whether privaate or public/separate will tell you what programs are in place for extra-curricular programs, school councils, sizes of schools and general school events. Peruse the website and jot down any questions you have and bring them with you when you go to the school.


2) This is our second piece of advice-go to the school before your child starts there! Meet and greet the principal and front-office staff, and request a tour of the new facility on which your children should accompany you. Seeing the school and having the chance to physcially walk through it, seeing other students and even seeing their grade will take the edge off your child because the process of familiarization begins immediately. The principal will also get an opportunity to start to know your child, which is pivotal. Regardless of school size, you'd be amazed how principals somehow manage to get to know each student that is registered under their leadership.


3) Remind your child this is an exciting opportunity, even if deep down inside you are truly nervous for them (admit it, we all are to an extent!). As parents we don't want to see our children experience anxiety or fear and that worry we carry deep down as emotional discomfort ourselves needs to be flipped and channeled as nothing but encouragement and support for your son and daughter. You are their safe place and hence, safety you must deliver. If your kids are young, perhaps a children's book with some well known characters will be soothing. The Berenstein Bears series has a book called The Berenstein Bears go to school. Another book to get them laughing is My Stinky New School by Rebecca Elliot. If they're laughing, their nerves are slowly settling too.


4)Spend time outdoors and get to know your neighbors on your new street. Chances are often very high that kids on your street will be attending the same school as your son or daughter, so give them the opportunity to socialize in a more relaxed environment. At the same time as your son and daughter is getting to know kids, chat to other parents on your street and find out more information about your school. They may be able to answer specific questions to things you didn't know how to answer for your child about the school and what is offered there.


5) Get involved! Whether you're encouraging your son and daughter to join intramural leagues or sports clubs, offer them the options and benefits of such memberships. If you are able to spare time yourself, get involved in the school too. Parental help is always needed and the fact that you are also navigating your way through new hallways, new names, and new settings will be a common denominator you and your child can share together.


6) Don't lose contact with closer friends of your child from their previous school. Allow them to keep in touch and listen to what news and feelings they share to their old friends about their new surroundings if you happen to be in earshot. Having your son or daughter talking about this new experience with a familiar and close friend will help you understand what else you could do to ease your child as they compare differences and similarities, as well as help you reiterate and emphasize the things your child does like about the new school.


Moving to a new neighborhood and in a sense, starting over, is already a lot of work on you-helping a child navigate the change and supporting them in making the Strange become the Familiar is an extra load for a parent to deal with. Talk to your children constantly and reassure them you're there for them-with each unpacked box and each new day, you are all becoming settled in with the New and getting more familiar with everything and everyone!


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Big news for everyone in RE/MAX: Our worldwide network has topped 110,000 agents!


This milestone confirms that greatness attracts greatness; your talents and achievements have built a brand others want to join.


In the third quarter, we had gains in the U.S., gains in Canada and gains in the rest of the world. We’ve grown every quarter for over four years – 19 quarters in all.


The people drawn to RE/MAX are a mix of established producers and newer agents aspiring to get better. And the growing agent count benefits us all – it brings more listings, more yard signs, more advertising, more brand power, more phone calls, more web traffic, more referrals and more satisfied buyers and sellers.


So celebrate the fact we’re 110,000 agents strong. And know you’re in good company – because more and more professionals are choosing to call RE/MAX home.


See more at From Above


Dave Liniger
CEO, Chairman and Co-Founder

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We are proud to donate this amazing summit panoramic photo printed on aluminum to the Harvest Moon Gala @CCSD_Holyname. Compliments to Monika Deviat of Deviant Optiks Photography for capturing this incredible shot.


Check out this link to photo:


Also, here is the full gallery:


Or watch the gallery slideshow:

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